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Suzanne Goin is the chef/owner of AOC, Tavern in Brentwood, Lucques - Los Angeles and the several Larder restaurants. located in Los Angeles. Suzanne Goin wiki

Greetings from Albatross Ridge, Carmel Valley

          The Bowlus Family vineyard is located seven miles east of the Pacific Ocean, planted on a steep ridge 1250 feet above sea level in the  Carmel Valley appellation.  The vineyard consists of several blocks of soil with mostly clay loam mixed with fossilized and diatomaceous marine shale.  Each vineyard block was analyzed and researched prior to planting, providing valuable information about ideal exposure, setting and soil depth, allowing each vine to truly express its varietal character and terroir. 

          The name Albatross Ridge and the simple yet elegant label reflect the 1930’s launching of the Albatross sailplanes manufactured by the Grandfather, William Hawley Bowlus, from the ridges of the Carmel Valley.

          Their beautifully crafted Chardonnay and Pinot Noir produced from the Bowlus'  pristine vineyard are testimony to the family goal of growing grapes of incredible quality and low yields.  And, with Garrett Bowlus at the winemaking helm in Healdsburg, the wines are crafted with minimal intervention and a meticulous hands-on-approach, allowing the wines to speak for themselves. The result? Elegant and complex wines that are distinctive of their coastal terroir.

          At the invitation of Brad Bowlus and daughter Brittney, Patrick and I met for lunch at the Shady Canyon Country Club to taste the new release wines from Albatross Ridge, with the possibility of adding the wines to the DCHWM offerings,  Upon tasting the Albatross Ridge 2012 Chardonnay, 2013 Rosé (100% Pinot Noir) and two 2012 Estate Pinot Noirs we decided instantly to add these fine wines to the portfolio.