Tall, rugged, yet mild-mannered, quiet, Paul Skinner becomes positively passionate when he discusses Sequum (pronounced SEE-KWAM) Wines. His own label, SEQUUM, featuring Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals, are a pure expression of Paul’s personality and expertise...          read

          Day trip to Napa - Winston Chang, recently appointed Estate Manager at Araujo, extended a personal invitation to visit for an official meet and greet with the new associates at the winery. I was also asked to meet with Antoine Donnedieu and Burges Smith to discuss and taste the Spring release, Araujo Estate 2013 Sauvignon Blanc,          read 


Greetings From The Land of Lando

          With roots of wine marketing experience extending from director of marketing with William Selyem to director of sales and marketing for Kosta/Browne, Sam Lando has released the second vintage of Lando to Southern California and the DCHWM Portfolio. We are pleased to announce the arrival and limited availability of this truly wonderful wine. I was not surprised when I tasted the wine, as I had expected no less than excellence upon release of Lando's second vintage. Sam and Jennifer Lando have created a wine that exemplifies the classic
characteristics found in Pinot Noirs from the Russian River appellation. Their belief in producing intensely flavored yet balanced wines is perfectly portrayed in this medium-deep ruby color, presently hosting a rich clear reflective rim revealing concentrated aromas of Bing cherries with side notes of raspberry and wild strawberries. Hints of clove dominate the spiciness with whispers of cinnamon and nutmeg. Layers of cherry cola and freshly baked sweet cherry pie combine with a rich clay loam minerality, adding to a concentrated mid-palate and a touch of masculinity in this very elegant and racy Pinot Noir