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          The Sequum 2011 ‘Kidd Ranch’ Zinfandel boasts a rich jammy elegance yet is round and complex with expressions of red and blue fruits along with an earthiness that gives way to hints of sweet licorice and a long lingering chocolatey finish. Sequum’s 2010 Four Soil Melange – Paul’s notes are linked for the complete description of this beautiful Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The Soil Notes describe each of the four soils and its characteristics and locale in the Napa Valley, vine descriptions, vine training, and irrigation. In addition, find winemaker notes, harvest notes and technical information. view PDF 


          Combining a scientific career with the artisan techniques of winemaking, Paul has charted his own two acre St. Helena ‘Kidd Ranch Vineyard’ in scientific detail. The results; he has created an elegant Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon that mirrors the complexities of this outstanding vineyard. Limited in production, these wines are a tremendous value. Sequum wines express Paul’s knowledge and understanding of the soil as well as his respect for old vines and winemaking traditions.


          Tall, rugged, yet mild-mannered, quiet, Paul Skinner becomes positively passionate when he discusses Sequum (pronounced SEE-KWAM) Wines. His own label, SEQUUM, featuring Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals, are a pure expression of Paul’s personality and expertise. Paul, one of the world’s leading authorities of the science of soil, holds a PH.D in Soil Science and Viticulture. He has two published books available outlining the extensive research of the Napa Valley’s AVA and the soils and weather conditions found within the AVA. Paul is often called the “Dirt Doctor.” Paul’s expertise in vineyard planting has been utilized around the world including China, Europe and South Africa and he has introduced several new techniques to monitor the water and nutrient status in the vines as well as weather conditions in the vineyards.

SEQUUM (pronounced SEE-KWAM) - wines by Paul Skinner Ph.D., AKA "The Dirt Doctor"